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Engineering Solution

Eureka solution was established in 2019 as an engineering solution company mainly specializing on solar & semiconductor solutions. We also provide E2E engineering solutions for automation and mechanical works. The word Eureka is derived from ancient Greek word that translates to the euphoric state upon discovering a solution to a problem. The company’s key objective is to continuously development innovative & high-quality engineering solution that meets our Customer’s requirement.

Eureka solution was founded by a group of passionate engineering experts with vast experience in various engineering fields around the world. The expertise and experience demonstrated by our specialists enable us to provide our customers with bespoke solutions that provides competitive edge to their products, increases reliability and cost efficient. Equipped with a strong financial grounding, we are able to continue investing in the state-of-the-art technology. People are our asset; we take pride in continuously developing our talents to meet the demanding technological evolution. Eureka Solution offers a wide range of solutions that meets your requirements, even the most challenging one!


Our mission is to engineer your vision while creating a lasting business partnership.


Our vision is to bring innovative engineering solutions to our customers using the latest technology trends.

Our Values

6 Core Values

Eureka Solutions’ core values are to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions, at a high level of quality, at competitive prices to address customer’s requirements.


Safety is our top priority. At Eureka Solution, we strongly believe safety is inherent in every aspect of our life.

We Built Trust

Trust is at heart of our lives, whether at home or at work. We trust each other at Eureka solution as it is what holds us together.

Local roots and global vision

We emphasize on local roots and respect for cultural diversity within the framework of a global business vision.

Determined to deliver

We make sure we understand what’s needed. We deliver by working together, enthusiastically

Do what's right

We demonstrate courage in doing the right thing and together create a healthy and productive working environment.

Prepare for tomorrow

The world is changing fast, and we constantly adapt to these changes. We want to contribute to the world we live and work in.


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