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Mainly specializing on solar & semiconductor solutions. We also provide E2E engineering solutions for automation and mechanical works.

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Mechanical works

We deliver reliable and efficient solutions to various industries.

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Solar and Semiconductor

Design and fabrication, enabling sustainable energy solutions

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Automation and IT

Customized solutions to your specific needs, leveraging automation.

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Renewable Energy Consultation

We provides expert guidance and advisory services to businesses.

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Eureka Solution is a company that focuses solar energy and semiconductor solutions. Whether it is solar energy or semiconductor, we will give you all the advice, the know-how, and solutions to make sure your projects stay on schedule. With solar energy being so popular these days, it’s a no-brainer to hire a professional who specializes in this field. If you are a startup or company dealing with solar or semiconductor solutions, Eureka Solution should be on your list for consideration.

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6 Core Values

Eureka Solutions’ core values are to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions, at a high level of quality, at competitive prices to address customer’s requirements.


Safety is our top priority. At Eureka Solution, we strongly believe safety is inherent in every aspect of our life.

We Built Trust

Trust is at heart of our lives, whether at home or at work. We trust each other at Eureka solution as it is what holds us together.

Local roots and global vision

We emphasize on local roots and respect for cultural diversity within the framework of a global business vision.

Determined to deliver

We make sure we understand what’s needed. We deliver by working together, enthusiastically

Do what's right

We demonstrate courage in doing the right thing and together create a healthy and productive working environment.

Prepare for tomorrow

The world is changing fast, and we constantly adapt to these changes. We want to contribute to the world we live and work in.

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Automation and IT

Our Automation and IT service combines cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge to optimize processes and enhance efficiency in various industries.

Sustainable energy solutions

Semiconductor expertise

Cutting-edge innovation

Solar and Semiconductor

Our Solar and Semiconductor service focuses on delivering innovative solutions in the renewable energy sector and semiconductor industry.

Sustainable energy solutions

Semiconductor expertise

Cutting-edge innovation

Mechanical works

Our Mechanical Works service caters to a wide range of mechanical engineering needs. From design and manufacturing to installation and maintenance.

Comprehensive solutions

Precision and quality

Diverse industry applications