Core Values

Our Core Values

Eureka Solutions’ core values are to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions, at a high level of quality, at competitive prices to address customer’s requirements.



Safety is our top priority. At Eureka Solution, we strongly believe safety is inherent in every aspect of our life. Every task is meticulously planned with safety in our mind.

Toolbox and Task Risk Assessment is mandatory before commencing any job and we adhere to Client’s Safety Policies.

At Eureka Solution, we empower our personnel with Stop Work Policy; anyone has the rights to stop work when the situation is deemed unsafe.

Eureka Solution is an energy conscious Company, we are committed to the Go Green Policy. Eureka Solution empathizes to sustainability and environmental management. We ensure our employees and customers are effectively engaged at all times in managing environmental issues.

We built trust

– Trust begins by giving trust
– We act with candour and courage
– We help others succeed

Trust is at heart of our lives, whether at home or at work. We trust each others at Eureka solution as it is what holds us together. Without trust, transparency and honesty we will never be able to find lasting success. Trust is earned by actions, not words. Our clients and other stakeholders recognise us as a trusted partner. Our personal success lies in being comfortable to ask for help when needed.

Local roots and global vision

Eureka solution emphasize on local roots and respect for cultural diversity within the framework of a global business vision.

We are determined to deliver

– We make sure we understand what’s needed
– We deliver by working together, enthusiastically
– We keep everybody informed on our progress

Our customers know that they can rely on us to provide meaningful solutions to their challenges. We get the best out of ourselves to deliver constant Eureka solution quality to all our stakeholders. The strong connections within Eureka solution, our team orientation and determination help us succeed.

We do what's right

– We always respect and include others
– We stand firm and do the right thing
– We speak up if situations aren’t right or safe

Doing what’s right is crucial to us. We demonstrate courage in doing the right thing and together create a healthy and productive working environment. Always do what’s right for Eureka Solution, for our clients, for ourselves and everyone and everything around us. Above all, we respect others regardless of who they are.

We prepare for tomorrow

– We believe our future success starts with doing our best work today.
– We learn from today to prepare ourselves for the future.
– We embrace change as it brings opportunity.
The world around us is changing fast and we constantly adapt to these changes. We want to contribute to a bright future of the world we live and work in. We believe challenges are here to be addressed. Things that worked fine until today, might need improvement tomorrow. We learn from situations where something went wrong. Tomorrow starts today: share ideas, ask for feedback and act now to help build a stronger Eureka solution.